Browser storage (overview)

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  • Storing data on the machine of the user
  • Data is available to the user on that particular machine and hence cannot be shared with anyone else
  • Example: Storing data such as items in my shopping cart or recently viewed products
  • Different types of browser storage options available are:
    • Local storage / Session storage
    • Cookies
    • IndexedDB

Local Storage /Session Storage

  • key-value pairs to store data
  • data can read/write from/to local or session storage only via javascript or user
  • better for storing simple values and not for storing complex values


  • simple key-value pairs with some configuration options
  • can be cleared by using javascript or by the user
  • data in the cookies is send to the server (they are attached to the headers of the http request)
  • not good for complex data


  • client side database
  • can be used with a query language
  • good for storing complex data on client side
  • can be cleared by user or javascript